Rabu, 05 Desember 2012

Origin of Lake Toba

In ancient times in a village in North Sumatra, there lived a farmer named Toba alone in a flat and fertile valley. The farmer was working on the farm for the purpose of his life.

                Besides working on his farm, sometimes he went fishing to the river which is not far from his home. Each time he was fishing, it's easy because the fish got in the clear river that is a lot of fish. Pancingannya he cooked the fish to eat.

                One evening, after returning from the fields he went straight to the river for fishing. But it was quite a long time he did not provoke any iakan gets. Events like that, never experienced before. Because usually fish in the river is easy to hook him. Because already too long no one takes the bait rod, he was so upset and decided to quit fishing. But when he was about to pull rod, fishing rod suddenly was struck by a fish pulled it away ketengah river fishing. His heart had been upset that turned into a happy, Because he knew that the fish grabbed the pole was a big fish.

                After a while he let the rod is pulled to and fro, then hook it disentakkannya, and there was a big fish hanging and floundered at the end of the rope pole. Quickly the fish was pulled to the ground so as not to loose. Smiling, happy eyes pole he was separated from the fish's mouth. By the time he was off the hook, the fish looked at him meaningfully. Then, after the fish was placed into one where he got into the river to bathe. His feeling elated because he had never had fish that big. He smiled as he imagined how good the fish's meat later when it's baked. When leaving the river to return to his house was getting dusk.

                Arriving home, he immediately brought a big fish to the kitchen pancingannya results. When he was about to light a fire for grilling fish, firewood in the kitchen turns out her home was gone. He immediately went out to get firewood from the ground under the house. Then, carrying a few pieces of firewood she climbed back into the house and went straight to the kitchen.

                By the time he arrived in the kitchen, he was surprised at all because the big fish that is not there anymore. But where the fish was placed seemed stretched a few pieces of gold. With shock and surprise experienced a strange situation, he left the kitchen and entered the room.

                When he opened the door, suddenly tersirap blood because in the room stood a woman with her hair long and curly. The woman was combing her hair as she stood facing the mirror that hung on the bedroom wall. A moment later the woman suddenly turned and looked at the man that stood bewildered at the mouth of the door. The man became very fascinated because the face of the woman who stood before him extraordinary beautiful. He had never seen such a beautiful woman that though formerly he had wandered far into the various countries.

                Because it was late, she asked that the lights on. After he turned on the lights, he invited her to accompany him kedapur because he wanted to cook rice for them. While waiting for the rice is cooked, as told by her that he was an incarnation of the great fish that had gained him when fishing in rivers. Then explain also that some pieces of gold located in the kitchen it was an incarnation scales. After several weeks she states willing to accept his proposal on condition that he must swear that all his life he would never bring up the origin of her incarnate myang of fish. After he had thus sworn, kawinlah them.

                A year later, they were blessed with a son they named Samosir. Sngat spoiled child that resulted in the boy's mother who is less good tempered and lazy .

                Once large enough, the boy told his mother drove rice every day for his father who worked in the fields. However, he often refused to do the job that forced her mother to deliver rice to the fields.

                One day, the boy told his mother again to deliver rice to the farm for his father. At first he refused. However, because of continued forced his mother, with kesl he went to deliver the rice. In the middle of the road, mostly rice and pauknya she eats. Arriving in the fields, the rest of the rice it is only a little he gave to his father. When received, the father was feeling very hungry because the rice was delivered late. Therefore, it is the father became very angry when he saw the rice given to him are the remains. Growing anger when his son confessed that he who takes up most of the rice it. Patience is the father is lost and she beat her son, saying: "Son of insolent. Not ungrateful. Really you're the offspring of women who come from fish! "

                Sobbing, the boy ran home to find her mother at home. To his mother he complained that he had beaten his father. All the words uttered slur on his father tell him anyway. Listening to his son, the mother was so sad, especially because her husband has violated his oath with the words slur he spoke to his son. The mother told her to immediately go up the hill which is located not so far from their home and climb the highest tree located at the top of the hill. Without asking again, the child's mother immediately take command. He ran toward the hill and climb it.

                When seen by the mother her son was almost to the top of trees that climb up the hill, he ran toward the river that are not so far away from their homes. When he arrived on the banks of the river is lightning accompanied by thunder, which megelegar. A moment later he jumped into the river and suddenly turn into a big fish. At the same time, the river was flooding and down too heavy downpours. Some time later, the river was already overflowing everywhere and tergenanglah valley where the river flows. Mr. Toba could not save himself, he was drowned by a pool of water. Eventually, it expanded pool of water and turned into a huge lake that later called the Lake Toba. Being a small island in the middle named after the island of Samosir.

                Sekian dulu ya untuk cerita rakyat dalam bahasa inggris, mudah mudahan dengan adanya cerita rakyat dalam bahasa inggris ini tugas sekolah, tugas kuliah  atau bahan bacaan sebagai tambahan pengetahuan teman-teman berguna dan bisa dijadikan referensi. My Fb